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Month: October 2011

consumption problem (critical for labtop)

From: Patrick Serru <patrick@...>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 22:39:19 -0500
Hello everybody,

I always have a window "ksysgard" in my session. I noticed something that 
looks like a bug: the system consumes "abnormally", but not always. I was not 
able to cause the problem for sure. I am relatively sure it's related to 
KMail. Once opened and closed KMail. The only window "KSysgard" is open.

It's strange because while preparing this e-mail, I re-opened KMail and opened 
Kate. Ksysgard was hidden. Deciding to watch the "consumption" while writing 
in kate, I de-masked Ksysgard: After this simple operation, consumption is 
re-lowered to a "normal" level ...

Comments on the attached picture:
The vertical lines are spaced 60 seconds (1 sample per second)
The horizontal lines are spaced 5%
The left side (96% CPU load) represents the opening of the session,
The following peaks represent the closure of all the windows and then opening 
and closing KMail
Most of the picture represents this abnormal consumption
On the left, back to "normal" situation.

I place this mail "users" list, because I dont want to repport a minor bug, if 
I'm the only one to see that. To you to confirm or deny...

System kubuntu 10.10-trinity-enterprise (86x_64)

Good luck to everyone,