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Month: June 2019


From: <phiebie@...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2019 15:25:52 +0200
Debian Buster uptodate and with systemd.

The walletmanager does not start automatically, when TDE is started.
Starting it manually with [tdewalletmanager --tdewalletd] yields an
icon in the taskbar, the wallets however never get opened not to speak
of, that they stay completely empty.
The tdewalletrc contains:
[   ]
Close When Idle=false
Close on Screensaver=false
Default Wallet=Peter
First Use=false
Idle Timeout=10
Launch Manager=true
Leave Manager Open=false
Leave Open=false
Prompt on Open=true
Use One Wallet=true
[   ]
Where should I look for a misconfiguration or wrong/insufficient 

Tks and regards.