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Month: June 2019

Re: [trinity-users] digikam is trying to kill me and my computer

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2019 18:07:12 +0000
said Michael:

| Appologies if this is useless as I know nothing about gthumb or digikam,
| but based upon the name gthumb (eg thumbs...) have you looked at an app
| called Geeqie?  I've used it for years and it does have a right click
| open in gimp.

Having spent pretty much all day messing around with various 
applications -- Gwenview, Shotwell, and of course gThumb and digikam -- 
your recommendation comes as close as I can find to being useful for my 
purposes (though I have come configuring and such to do before I'm sure). 
gThumb was a great program, but after about 3.3.1 the gnomaniacs improved 
it to and beyond uselessness.

When I get back from an assignment I dump the pictures into directories on 
the hard drive, then use a program (previously gThumb) to take a quick 
look, look at a larger version of the picture(s) I think I want, open 
it/them in the GIMP for a touchup, and ship 'em. I don't need "albums" or 
cutesy-named collections or anything beyond what I described a sentence 
ago. You'd think this would be easy to find. It's not, though Geeqie may 
be made to do these things.


Some pictures: