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Month: October 2011

Trinity: some problems...

From: Jorge Gonçalves <jmg.correio@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 16:15:36 -0200
Hello all!

I'm new to Trinity. After some weeks trying, I finally manage to
install Trinity night build to a Debian Squeeze - more exactly, a HD
install of the latest Knoppix Cd.

Well, Trinity is running, but there are some problems, the worst is
that after using
"File Manager - Super User Mode", I can no more open any other
program, nothing, it only returns a DCOP error.

I wonder if this is because of my install could somehow be broken, so
I ask if anyone could confirm or not?

Another problem - not related, Kopete does not run, it says:

" kopete: symbol lookup error:
/opt/trinity/lib/trinity/ undefined symbol:
sqlite3_open "

And, finally, Basket has wrong dependencies: it should not depend on
Kontact, but simply suggest it - see the developer page for that.

All in all, from my limited testing, Trinity 3.5.13 seems solid, maybe
a little more cpu usage than former Kde 3.5.10.
I also manage to get Compiz working with Trinity, using the