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Month: September 2019

Re: [trinity-users] Re: Konqueror mount error

From: Thierry de Coulon <tcoulon@...>
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2019 10:02:26 +0200
On Monday 09 September 2019 08.43:44 deloptes wrote:
> Hi Thierry,
> this should be a new installation for you - not an upgrade? IF so did you
> check your rights and permissions? So that the user is in the required
> group?

Yes, it's a new installation. My user has the usual groups, I can't see any 
group that would have to do with mounting removable drives.

What's more, some drives do mount (thumb drives), others don't, even some 
discs in my external enclosure mount, others don't. Very strange.