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Month: September 2019

Re: [trinity-users] Konqueror mount error

From: "William Morder via trinity-users" <trinity-users@...>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2019 08:13:43 -0700

On Tuesday 10 September 2019 04:32:39 Thierry de Coulon wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 September 2019 04.15:17 Michele Calgaro via trinity-users 
> > > As root both work as expected.
> >
> > Do you mean that as root you don't have the problem at all?
> I did not spend so much time logged as root. I did not see the problem
> then, but I'd have to spend more time trying to give a real answer.
> > Re 5), when it fails, you can go in Konqueror, search the Storage Media
> > in the treeview which in turn lists the available known drives. Then
> > double click on your failed disk and see if it gets mounted again or not.
> > Alternatively, you can type "media:/sdg1" (or whatever path) in the
> > location bar and press enter.
> media:/sdg1 works
> > Now that you have d-feet installed, can you also make another test. After
> > a failed mounting, open d-feet, search the system bus for udisk2 and
> > select it. On the right side you will see many interfaces. Search for
> > object path /org/freedesktop/UDisks2/block_devices/sdg1 (or other path),
> > expand it and please paste a screenshot.
> Done (4 snapshots!)
> > Finally, one more thing. Open KDCOP, search for kded -> mediamanager ->
> > fullList function (going by memory here, may be slightly different name).
> > Double click to execute. In the result section, you will have a list of
> > known disks. Can you find your disk there? If so, can you paste a
> > screenshot of the properties of that disk?
> You get another snapshot
> > Last (but not least), is this a real system or is it running inside
> > VirtualBox (or other VM)? (not a stupid question, trust me).
> It's a real system.
> > Cheers
> >   Michele

There are a lot of pages that come up under this and similar questions, but 
this one had answers that worked for me.

With this, I created udev rules and a shell script (all should be explained in 
this page). On a new installation, I just copy these items (udev rules and 
shell script) from my secure storage location to these places, like so: 

udev rules
cp -r -v -f /media/<storage_location>/etc/udev/rules.d/52-usb-memory.rules -t /etc/udev/rules.d/

mount script
cp -r -v -f /media/<storage_location>/usr/local/sbin/ -t /usr/local/sbin/

After reboot, everything works like one expects, no surprises. 

lotsa luck