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Here are some further notes regarding the 3.5.13 release. The release
is on schedule for Nov 1st (in 3 days).

Now is your last chance to send in patches for the release. After Oct
29th a hard freeze will be in effect. No changes past this point will
be made. This is to ensure that packagers have enough time to produce
packages. After that the final tarballs will be built for the release.

For the 3.5.13 release there will be no Ubuntu LiveCDs. If someone
would like to respin a LiveCD for us, we will be happy to host the

Oneiric packages are built and ready to install. Please report any
problems you find.

For Oneiric installation instructions:

Lastly, LibreOffice integration will not be available in Oneiric until
the creation, submission, and incorporation of patches into the
upstream LibreOffice project.

Thank you,


I have a bug that needs fixing but the bugzilla is not working ok right now. I leave you the description I was trying to post there:

I can't get either my laptop's keyboard nor the external USB keyboard to unlock the kdeskto_lock widget. I have only connected the external screen and disabled the LVDS output. I have to go to the console and kill kdesktop_lock to be able to restore the desktop environment.

Please provide further questions if you need to reproduce. This is on the SVN builds from yesterday, on Ubuntu 11.04.

Also, is it possible to have a look at the Kopete Jabber issue?

Best regards,

Calvin Morrison
Trinity Desktop Team

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