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Month: October 2019

Re: [BULK] [trinity-users] Re: [BULK] [trinity-users] Re: ignored kmail crash reports.

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett@...>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2019 18:56:34 -0400
On Tuesday 15 October 2019 17:04:54 deloptes wrote:

> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Tuesday 15 October 2019 13:45:14 deloptes wrote:
> >> Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> > Greetings all;
> >>
> >> Hi Gene,
> >>
> >> > Are you send those to /dev/null? I've sent a whole bunch of them.
> >>
> >> I do not know what you are talking about, but I recall you
> >> mentioned before you had issues with your mailbox/es.
> >>
> >> > These crashes always seem to be preceded by a couple days of a
> >> > kmail session burning up a core of 4 cores, bouncing to the next
> >> > available core, at 99 to 100% at 15 second or so intervals.
> >>
> >> AFAIR you are using local MailDir with tons of mail
> >
> > yes but its slowly disappearing.
> BACKUP? mails can not be that big compared to nowdays drives capacity
> and prices
Amanda does that every night, no complaints. I don't know the message is 
gone till I need to search for a senders name I know well is there as I 
had an extensive conversation with him in 2002.  Search finds nothing, 
and instantly. Go look a that years folder, which should have 1000+ 
messages in it, and today there are only two msgs in that subfolder.

> >> > These seem to be related to kmail finding trash files in its
> >> > database, causing problems while re-indexing. I have two folders
> >> > which are subfolders with a given years messages manually sorted
> >> > into that years corpus.
> >>
> >> I recall experiencing similar with KDE3 like 12y ago. Unpleasant
> >> situation for sure!
> >>
> >> > When I relaunch kmail after one of these crashes, I am getting
> >> > advisories that so-and-so has an index problem, and its generally
> >> > the top level folder, and 2 or 3 of its subfolders that are
> >> > named. And the older folders are slowly being emptied, as in
> >> > messages are disappearing despite having no expiry set up.
> >> >
> >> > Can anything be done, or is there something I can check-uncheck
> >> > someplace?
> >>
> >> I don't know exactly, but I know what solved my problems was to
> >> setup imap server between the directory structure and the client.
> >> The server where the mails are is 4cores/32GB mem, however the
> >> server is not very fast - I am not sure why - I suspect the disks
> >> are not the fastest, but I do not experience any issue with mails.
> >
> > I'm currently sucking, with fetchmail, from a dovecot database at my
> > isp, but the procmail direct deposit into the spam folder, which
> > gets mv'd to spam-hold for one day by the same script that has
> > sa-learn spam being done on that folder, moving what it has looked
> > at to spam-hold.  Thats the only non-kmail accesses that I have
> > programmed.  Any other incoming mail is deposited in /var/mail, and
> > dbus sends kmail a check local folder message for new mail by way of
> > inotifywait seeing the closing of the mail file and triggering the
> > dbus message.  The
> > locale /var/mail/mailfile generally has a lifetime in the non-zero
> > length state of milliseconds.
> This is very complicated process. Are you sure kmail is working
> properly. Unfortunately to inspect kmail one should compile it with
> Debug enabled and install the additional package. So without closer
> inspection it is hard to say.
> I can only advise to simplify the process. This dovecot server for
> sure speaks imap to start with. So you could sync your own imap server
> and let the imap server be the interface to all your mails.
> >> Few years ago I integrated  dbmail for a customer. It is extremely
> >> fast. Think about migrating those tons of mails.
> >
> > describe that please.
> look at the project. AFAIR it can handle postgres or mysql. I used
> mysql and it was really impressive. In few words it is an IMAP server
> with database backend. Might be suitable, but also might be too much
> work (see below) compared to dovecot. I found dovecot more complex,
> but is widely used and with a lot of documentation and support around.
> >> I know it is not exactly an answer, but I can not think of any
> >> other. As for kmail I have not looked into it in detail, but it is
> >> complex - one has to be able to reproduce the problem to help you
> >> find a solution.
> >>
> >> Also are you sure nothing else is using your local Maildir? I know
> >> you have many scripts for this and that.
> >
> > procmail may, very occasionally place a particularly nasty bit of
> > stuff directly in the spam folder, but thats not more than a weekly
> > occurrence. If that often. I'll find that recipe and nuke it, just
> > for S&G.  Or better yet, send that one to /dev/null. At least I'll
> > have a log entry. Right now, I think I'll go over the
> > /home/gene/Mail dir and nuke every sorted index just for S&G as
> > thats nowhere near universally present. Then I'll exit kmail as the
> > uptime is 29+days, and restart it.
> I don't know Gene. I have the suspicion that there are two things
> working on your maildir corrupting the files and I think you
> overcomplicated the things.
> There is a program called imapsync for example. If I were you and I
> wanted to save mails locally, I would use imapsync with either dovecot
> or dbmail and use the imap interface to read whatever mails I want
> with kmail - tends to work pretty well for me for over 10y now.
> I use two imap servers for mail with kmail - the local one and the
> public one. There might be around 10000msg there at the moment - most
> of them on the public server. I do not sync them locally, but I was
> playing with this idea via imapsync. I used imapsync in one company
> few years ago and it is very robust application.
> Probably the easiest way is to let dovecot handle your Maildir (don't
> forget to relocate it outside of your ~/ and let kmail forget it). I
> think this is what I finally ended up doing may be 10y ago. Since then
> 0 problems.
> I hope it helps
> regards
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