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Month: October 2019

Re: [trinity-users] Advice for distro without systemD

From: Michael <mb_trinity_desktop@...>
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2019 13:58:09 -0500
On Friday 18 October 2019 10:01:17 pm Larry Stotler wrote:
> Anyway, if you use a non-systemD distro, please let me know how TDE works
> on it.

Hi Larry,

I tried many non-systemd distros at the beginning of this year.  I eventually 
settled on:

MX Linux
MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and former MEPIS 
communities, using the best tools and talents from each distro. It is a 
midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple 
configuration, high stability, solid performance and medium-sized footprint.

My primary two reasons were:

- Well supported by a large development staff. (30+)
- Extremely large and helpful user community. (forum users ~7,000)

It has been a very good experience.  I let Xfce 4.12.3 install by default and 
then added TDE by:

MX Linux Trinity Repository Installation Instructions *

This will give you a list of default apps and tools:

Hope that helps,

* I wrote those, if you find errors please send me an email so I can fix it.