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Month: October 2019

Re: [BULK] [trinity-users] Re: [BULK] [trinity-users] Re: [BULK] [trinity-users] more on my kmail 100% problemns

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett@...>
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2019 18:05:53 -0400
On Saturday 19 October 2019 17:46:42 deloptes wrote:

> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > If those rm's and mv's from outside of kmails knowledge, were
> > converted to dbus commands to be executed by kmail, then nothing
> > would disturb its database but kmails own actions.
> >
> > So, where do I find the real docs on how kmail responds to commands
> > sent over dbus? That seems to be a secret, and it sucks dead toads
> > thru soda straws. I just now rechecked the Handbook, and it has zero
> > mention of dbus. �So please explain how, and I WILL fix my scripts.
> Let be clear only few applications in TDE use dbus and these are the
> once that need interaction with dbus for some reason - kmail has
> nothing to do with dbus.
> You should think of using pipes - I do not mean the unix '|' but in
> your process. One application works on content in one directory and
> delivers the output into another directory, where other application
> uses this as input and delivers to another directory.

Humm, how would one translate this to that?

# make this run as gene! Does
# make sure the database is free
killall fetchmail
# wait for the spamd pipes to drain
sleep 20
# do this dastardly deed
sa-learn --ham /home/gene/Mail/ham/cur
sa-learn --ham /home/gene/Mail/coco/cur
sa-learn --ham /home/gene/Mail/Xorg/cur
sa-learn --spam /home/gene/Mail/spam/cur
# now, this stuff is trash, 24 hours old, kill it.
rm -f /home/gene/Mail/spam-hold/cur/*
# And move todays catch into Mail/spam-hold/cur for a 24 hour period
# so I can retrieve it the next day if needed.
mv /home/gene/Mail/spam/cur/* /home/gene/Mail/spam-hold/cur/
# Note, I leave the ham for moving where it really goes by hand
# and restore fetchmail but let the disks synch first
sleep 6
/usr/bin/fetchmail -d 120 --fetchmailrc /home/gene/.fetchmailrc

Simple little script, usually takes about a minute to run. cron sends me 
an email. I delete it unless there has been an error.
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Cheers, Gene Heskett
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