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Month: October 2019

Only single packages from trinity on a Plasma system?

From: "Dr. Martin Senftleben" <linux@...>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2019 17:20:09 +0200

there is one software the development of which was stopped before KDE
moved to plasma, and hence it requires KDE 3. That's why I have TDE
running on a virtualbox. I would prefer that package to be available
within my system, but I didn't succeed so far. The worst case that
happened was that it rendered my system almost useless.

Here is the setup:

I run Manjaro stable up to date, an Arch derivate. Trinity or TDE is not
available for that distribution, as far as I know.
I want to use Quanta+ from TDE.

Is there a way to get that done? (Maybe I get my hands at the source
code some day, but I have no experience with C++ and am not sure if that
will ever yield workable results).