Hi Folks,

Downloaded the U10.10 version and played with that - all went well so I installed it to the HD and all is apparently well with the install.

Not sure what can be done about the one problem I have:  I copied (rsync) my old debian kde3.5 $HOME over to another free partition and logged out and mounted it as /home and then logged back in.  Comes up but did not pick up *anything* of my old kde3 data.  Yes, I do have /home/me/.kde.  Permaission are correct and everything looks good but neither kde3 related data (kontact, etc.) nor desktop config were picked up.   I did get the new user wizzard as well.  I'm much perplexed?!?!?

It would seem that the Trinity install should just pick up everything from my old deb kde3 system.  Did I miss something?!?

Any thoughts appreciated!

On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 9:20 PM, Chris Reid <vmlist2@...> wrote:
Thanks for the reply folks!

This will make not only me but several other folks VERY happy!

Need to check, but IIRC I entered just kpat in the search and all I got was the 4 version, none of the trinity stuff showed up?!?  Will verify that and that the LiveCD sources does indeed have the trinity mirrors.

You folks doing this have no idea how happy we are to find this!

Will fire it up again and verify!

Thanks, THANKS!

On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 3:41 PM, Jimmy Johnson <JimmyJhn@...> wrote:
Chris Reid wrote:
Hi Folks,

Found TrinityKDE and was VERY happy!  Short of a many page diatribe :-), I loath kde4 :).

I downloaded and burned the LiveCD and fired it up (happy dance) and just to see what would happen I elected to add kpat (my great time waster :) and much to my disgust I ended up with a very large chunk of kde4 and the kde4 version of kpat(UGH).

I do not want *anything* to do with kde4.  I've shared the link with a number of people who are VERY happy to hear about this project!

How do I set this up so I end up with kde3.5 goodies and none of the kde4 festering sewage?

Thanks VERY much in advance!

You want to install "kpat-kde3", NOT kpat. If the package name don't include "-kde3" then the package is for kde4.

Jimmy Johnson

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