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Month: November 2019

Re: [trinity-users] TDE featured in german magazine

From: "BorgLabs - Kate Draven" <borglabs4@...>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2019 08:00:51 -0500
On Wednesday 20 November 2019, Curt Howland wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 7:50 AM Thierry de Coulon <tcoulon@...> 
> > Hello all,
> >
> > To my surprise TDE was featured in the latest issue of the german "Linux
> > User" magazine!
> If "Nostalgiker" is German for "nostalgia", that's certainly not my
> reason for using it. I use TDE because it works better for me than
> anything else I've tried.
> Konqueror is just such a good file system tool. How could anyone not love
> it?
> Hopefully folks will try it, and find out why KDE4 was disliked so
> much when it came out.
> Thank you for sharing.
> Curt-

Curt, thank you for sharing this grand news.
And  you're right about Konqueror, it's a super tool. I use it everyday.

Good day to all,