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Month: November 2019

Re: [trinity-users] No daemon tdm in /etc/init.d/

From: "William Morder via trinity-users" <trinity-users@...>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2019 08:36:50 -0800

On Monday 25 November 2019 07:03:01 ajh-valmer wrote:
> Hello,
> Since upgrade Debian Stretch => Buster,
> I do not have any more the daemon file "tdm" in "/etc/init.d/"
> (it was present in Stretch).
> So, the system doesn't boot on tde-trinity desktop.
> Is it norrmal ?
> What to do to have the daemon "tdm" in /etc/init.d/ as before ?
> Cheers,
> Andr´┐Ż
Did you try saving the files in question (config files, the tdm folder and 
whatever is in it) from your older system. Before upgrading, I always back up 
my old system. Most of the time, I can just copy the old settings over, and 
everything works. 

However, I have had problems with networking, in particular (for which there 
are some older threads), as well as Kmail. (Both Gene and myself, I believe, 
suffer from this malady.) Otherwise, my method is crude and simple, but works 
without a hitch.