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Month: March 2020

ksmserver crashes at logout

From: Mio <m.t.0x73@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2020 20:58:23 +0300
I'm trying to debug an annoying bug in ksmserver that happens sometimes 
leads to it's crash and logout process break. Main trouble that it 
happens randomly, i can repeat 10 logouts in a row without issues, and 
next one will be broken. One thing what i've noticed that crash happens 
when some application didn't respond in time and buttons "Skip 
notification" and "Cancel logout" appears in the shutdown process 
window. I've also tested the logout with some SIGSTOP'ped apps and have 
no issues.

That gives me a naive idea, that there have place some race condition 
and when ksmserver is processing some "client" record, and in the same 
time corresponding application is finishing it's work that leads to 
deleting that "client" record, but i'm too newbie in the X transport and 
other things so i may be wrong.

Here are 3 valid backtraces, due to reproducing instability i can't 
collect more for this time. Maybe someone will have some idea about this 
bug or methods to more stable reproduce?