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Month: March 2020

Re: How to remove or not install CUPS? (standard install)

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 22:44:49 +0100
Michael Howard via trinity-users wrote:

> Ah, a GDI printer. GDI is a microsoft system and the printer expects
> most of the processing to be done from within Windows, so in this case,
> it's really not the fault of CUPS but that of the printer really.
>> Eventually I want to try installing the Panasonic Windows print utility
>> in a Windows VM. �Would seem to be a complete waste, but *shrug* if it
>> works, so be it...
>> Anyone ever tried that (printing from a Windows VM on a Linux box)?
> If you have windows already, or with a new installation (either real or
> virtual) just share the printer and let Windows do the processing.

A guy buys windows crap and complains about support!

Another one said recently "inexpensive" is "cheep" and "cheep" is shit.

I was using a 15y/o HP 4L until last year, when it finally gave up and
maintenance cost was higher than buying a new one.

Buy a decent printer and be happy. I bought HP 402dn - will work the next
15y. It pays off over time, believe me.