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Month: March 2020

KIOExec error when automounting drives

From: Janek Stolarek <jwstolarek@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2020 16:24:02 +0000
Up until recently when I plugged in an external drive it was auto-mounted and Konqueror would open 
it in a new tab. What happens now is I get a KIOExec error saying that /media/jsto/backup_drive 
is a directory but a file was expected. However, the derive is mounted correctly - it's just that 
Konqueror doesn't open it automatically. I can browse the file normally if I naviaget to system:/ 
in Konqueror. When I connect an encrypted drive I get a prompt for the password (which doesn't 
work because it's not yet fully implemented, I think) and I can also see there's a file copying 
progress window that shows Konqueror is trying to copy from system:/media/dm-2 to 
file:///var/tmp/tdecache-jsto/krun/ If I enter the password then I get the same 
error as for a non-encrypted drive.

Anyone else experiencing similar problems? I don't know whether this has to do with my 
configuration or something broke during an update (I'm on PSB).