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Month: March 2020

Re: [trinity-users] KIOExec error when automounting drives

From: "Michele Calgaro via trinity-users" <trinity-users@...>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 14:56:57 +0900
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On 2020/03/21 07:46 PM, Janek Stolarek wrote:
>> regarding support for encrypted (LUKS) disks, yes what you see is what is in R14.0.x branch and currently in
>> R14.1.0 branch too. I have a PR in progress to add LUKS support on R14.1.0 (actually already working on my local
>> machine) but I have not yet completed that so it is not yet in the master branch.
> Right. I've written a bash scrpt as a stop-gap solution. The bash script mounts and unlocks the LUKS volume, at
> which point TDE asks for password for the drive and is then able to decrypt the drive and show it in Konqueror.
> Normally after enetring the password this would mean creating another tab in Konqueror and showing the contents of
> the drive, but at the moment I am experiencing the error that I mentioned.
> I am attaching a screenshot and an excerpt from .xsession-errors that logs activity around the time I connected the
> drive. Note that the error also happens for non-encrypted drives, but doing this with an encrpyted drive clearly
> shows the file copy window.
> Also, is it possible that the problem is caused by my settings? I have recently fiddled with folder opening
> settings in a hope that I will fix one program that cannot correctly open a folder. My first guess was that I
> messed up something from those settings so I restored a huge chunk of my ~/.trinity folder from a backup copy, but
> that didn't help. Any chances that these settings are somewhere outside of ~/.trinity?
> Janek

Hi Janek,
sorry for the late reply.

> Up until recently when I plugged in an external drive it was auto-mounted and Konqueror would open it in a new tab.
> What happens now is I get a KIOExec error saying that /media/jsto/backup_drive is a directory but a file was
> expected."

I was asking more about this problem, since the encrypted disk behavior is already known and I can reproduce it here.
Instead I am not able to reproduce the problem with the KIOExec error, which is why I am asking.
If you are unsure whether there is a problem with your config or not, you can try creating a new user and reproduce
the steps as new user. Whether it works or not, you will have additional info in both cases.

I am replying here also to the Trash email. There were some problems with that, but in recent weeks I made fixes for
it and it works fine now. If you are on PSB and you have the latest packages, you would have the fixes already, so it
should work.
Btw, what is the default application for inode/directory in your config? Have you change it perhaps?