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Month: March 2020

Re: [trinity-users] r14-xdg-update script error when TDM is starting TDE

From: <phiebie@...>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 15:10:32 +0200
Dear Stefan,

30.Mar.2020 at 14:27 you wrote:
> I've only found this information regarding the complaint of this
> r14-xdg-update script in /var/tmp/tdecache-$USER:
> $ cat r14-xdg-update-validation-test9.txt
>    <Filename>kde-KMail.desktop</Filename>
>    <Filename>kde-kwrite.desktop</Filename>
>    <Filename>kde-konsole.desktop</Filename>
>    <Filename>kde-ksensors.desktop</Filename>
>    <Filename>kde-ksystemlog.desktop</Filename>
>    <Filename>kde-konsole.desktop</Filename>
>    <Filename>kde-ksystemlog.desktop</Filename>
>    <Filename>kde-KMail.desktop</Filename>
>    <Filename>kde-knetworkmanager.desktop</Filename>
>   <Filename>kde-Home.desktop</Filename>
>     <Filename>kde-kwrite.desktop</Filename>
> grep "<Filename>kde-"
> "$USER_DIR/.config/menus/"
> If I'd rename the files so that r14-xdg-update is happy and change the
> entries in accordingly the "error"

You can safely delete the 11 mentioned lines in the -file, you'll find the same entries there again,
though starting with tde-....., nothing is lost.
Then delete the ....test9.txt file in /var/tmp/tdecache-$USER, end the
current session and restart it again. Now only one error-warning pops
up and if you again restart the session, also this pop-up has
Yes, I uttered quite some strong words when I encountered that nuisance
and had to put the puzzle together:-)

Kind regards, Peter.