On 5 November 2011 21:41, David Hare <davidahare@...> wrote:
On 05/11/11 20:30, Baron wrote:
Hi David,

On Saturday 05 November 2011 14:07:38 David Hare wrote:
I made a new Squeeze/TDE-lite Live CD with 3.5.13 and all current
Squeeze updates:


In this version are only minimal changes to TDE defaults, just a nice
(official TDE) wallpaper and a keyboard switcher on the panel .

It is a "clean" build using debootstrap and some custom scripts (not
remastersys or other utility) Everything is strictly GPL.

Included are installers for HD and USB key, a snapshot/remaster
utility, various other custom scripts, virtualbox-OSE guest support.
Excellent results here from USB key.

US/UK English and Spanish language support are preinstalled. Language
and keyboard are selectable from the boot prompt. If there is any
interest, one extra language (DE or FR ?) might just squash in to
CD-size, for a future build.

If anyone else wants to have a go at live image building, I have
deb-packaged the necessary TDE-specific live-boot and live-config
supplementary scripts.

Please note: this is *NOT* an official TDE project and is supported
by nobody except me. Unless you are feeling adventurous, please use
the official TDE installation methods. It is not properly tested,
beyond that it boots and the installer works here; some bugs will
likely surface that are not the fault of TDE !


I have downloaded, burnt and tried your "Trinity 2.3.13" iso.
Its very nice and works very well.  I like it !
Good work !

Thanks to you for the iso and thanks to all the guys&  gals that have

put so much effort into Trinity.

Thanks for testing the ISO, please let me know if you find anything not working properly.

If you consider it looks very nice, that's entirely thanks to a great job from TDE devs with 3.5.13, as I have used mostly default UI configs.

I'm also finding the elegant appearance of 3.5.13 is well complemented by the performance.


Hey this is awesome! I am glad someone has had the opportunity to make a live CD! :)

I think that we should stick this on one of our mirrors and make it available to everyone. It would be great to have a LiveCD like we have had in the previous releaes.

Calvin Morrison