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Month: June 2020

Re: VLC crashes - chronic problem since Jessie - RESOLVED!

From: "William Morder via trinity-users" <trinity-users@...>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2020 23:16:57 -0700

On Thursday 18 June 2020 21:58:26 deloptes wrote:
> William Morder via trinity-users wrote:
> > VLC is (or would be) my media player of choice on most of my machines or
> > devices. I use it on my smartphone, and don't need anything else to play
> > music, movies, stream videos or radio. (I've tried other media players,
> > yes, but they are all inadequate by comparison, at least for my own
> > needs.) So many good things to say about VLC ... until about a year or
> > two ago.
> Might be through, but if I was to use GTK application, I wouldn't stick to
> TDE for so long.
> You'll have to debug - find out where and why it fails.
> From what you are writing it could be some old library on the way or some
> old configuration saved around.
> Did you try with another fresh user (just create one, log in and run VLC).
> You will find out if it has to do with user configuration
> My choice is mplayer with kplayer as frontend BTW. The only problem I have
> from time to time is with commercial DVDs.

It didn't take too long, once I started thinking about it from a different 
point of view. Somebody off-handedly mentioned permissions, and somebody else 
said to make sure X was included in group "video", etc. And I considered 
creating a new user, too. But before I did that I just used apt-get to purge, 
then I looked for the folders where the config files are kept. I didn't even 
delete them, but only renamed the folders everywhere that I found vlc, to 
vlc-x, so that I didn't lose them, but so a new installation of vlc wouldn't 
look there. 

Funny thing is, I am pretty sure I tried all this once before. At least now 
it's working; maybe something will get changed again? 

I'm still not sure how it got messed up, since I generally stick with what 
works, and even make a backup of that folder or file. But somehow, something 
got messed up. Anyway, so that's better, because I was having a problem 
watching videos of some file types.