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Month: June 2020

Re: VLC crashes - RESOLVED ... almost - going OT, sorry

From: "William Morder via trinity-users" <trinity-users@...>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2020 09:10:21 -0700

On Friday 19 June 2020 20:05:12 BorgLabs - Kate Draven wrote:
> On Friday 19 June 2020, William Morder via trinity-users wrote:

> >
> > Whenever I can do a fresh installation on a new SSD, I will try to build
> > a new machine as GNU/Linux Devuan with TDE from the bottom up.
> >
> > Bill
> >

> I sometimes have strange problems when I try to reuse a user dir in new
> builds (ghosts in the machine).
> When I do is start with clean user and copy over, bit by bit, the config
> files I need for important stuff like konqueror. Everything else I can just
> readjust as I go along.
> Seems to work well.
> Good luck human.
> Kate

Yes, I do the same kind of thing ... sort of ... but after rebuilding machines 
with the same basic desktop (KDE3x > TDE), I have managed to streamline the 
process just a bit. I collect the necessary config files (and similar 
what-nots), save copies to somewhere on an external drive; then, when I 
reinstall, I just run some scripts/commands, and copy over all my 
personalized settings. 

I try to prune away the rest, but you see there was a period of a few years 
during which the world was in an even more uncertain situation (i.e., there 
was no half-decent desktop to replace KDE3), and I engaged in some brief 
dalliances and flirtations with lesser alternatives. 

Then I discovered TDE, and gradually migrated from PC Linux to Kubuntu to 
Debian and finally to Devuan; where I hope to remain until we humans at 
someday freed from our enslavement to these machines. 

As an unfortunate side-effect, I have picked up a lot of junk from these other 
sources, even though my desktop now looks almost identical to that which I 
created back around 2005 or 2006. So my basic idea is the same as yours, just 
the local circumstances have required me to adapt new methods. 

With my present setup, I can now recreate my entire system, with all files, a 
dozen hard drives, etc.; and it is all contained in a couple flash drives, 
with backups online as well as cold storage. 

If all I have is my memorized master password, then I can still rebuild 
everything from scratch. Also I have a flash drive that is partitioned like a 
mini-version of my desktop, which I can use to boot up any working computer, 
to use as a hardware host, and which will run like my own system. 

So when the Zombies come to hunt us down for our brains, I can escape to 
somewhere that they will *never* look (e.g., a cave up in the mountains, or 
the public library), and restore my world.