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Month: June 2020

Activating the Trinity Desktop Environment

From: Klaus Cook <tng.klaus@...>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 18:47:19 -0500
I am 80 years old and retired after a career in Systems programming and consulting, but I� am a complete novice when it comes to Linux. I have decided to try Ubuntu 20.04 and as part of the learning process I decided to install the Trinity Desktop Environment.

After struggling through the installation I finally was able to get the installation to run without errors, however, the Desktop does not activate when logging into Ubuntu. Also, Trinity is not listed in the "sessions" list on the log in page.

1. Is there anyway to check if the installation was completed correctly?

2. How do I activate the desktop if the installation was correct?

Thank you,
Klaus Cook
Houston, TX

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