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Month: August 2020

Re: [trinity-users] Loading setting on logon takes long time

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 19:02:24 +0200
On Tuesday 04 of August 2020 18:24:22 Michael wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 August 2020 11:08:34 am Janek Stolarek wrote:
> > I've recently set up a new machine with TDE. For reasons I can't
> > figure out, when I log into TDE on the new machine the startup screen
> > needs about 4-5 seconds to get past the "Loading settings" step. On
> > the old machine this takes a split second, so on the new machine this
> > is several times slower. The new machine has a faster SDD and
> > comparable CPU (more cores than the old one, but that's probably not
> > relevant here) so I don't see a good reason why this is so slow. I
> > know there is a setting in TCC to disable configuration checking on
> > login, which I did. It seems to *sometimes* work, i.e. occasionally
> > "Loading settings" will take a split second, but for the most time it
> > still takes 4-5 seconds. Does anyone have a clue what's going on here?
> Hi Janek,
> Not exactly a clue, but it's generally not a good idea to turn off the
> configuration checking on login.  Take sip of your drink, get another
> cup of coffee, but let it do it's thing so your system works
> correctly...
> Best,
> Michael
> PS:  The new(ish) TDE has a 'fixer' program that runs at login to do ???
> (ask a dev).  It'll run each login until it's satisfied (mine ran 4 or 5
> times doing an upgrade from stretch/R14.06 to buster/R14.08).


the mentioned checking / fixing program is not completely new. It is a part 
of TDE from R14.0.0~pre. The principle is that the program runs only once 
and if no new check / fix rule is added, it is not run again.

When the user logs in for the very first time, with a new profile, the 
program will run for the first time. However, in such a situation there 
should not be many tasks to be solved, so it should not be a delay.