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Month: September 2020

Re: [trinity-users] gmail and pop - with P.S.

From: "William Morder via trinity-users" <trinity-users@...>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2020 07:02:01 -0700
I sent this email earlier, but since I didn't receive my usual copy sent to 
myself, it seemed that it never made it to the outside world. 

And then there was a mildy amusing incident, and a few hours of creeping 
panic, but I don't want to spoil the story, so I save it for its proper 

On Wednesday 02 September 2020 13:35:32 Janek Stolarek wrote:
> Three things:
> 1. Like others have already said, you need to enable access by unsafe apps
> in Gmail account settings. See [1].
> 2. In KMail POP3 settings you might need to prefix you POP3 username with
> "recent:" (without quotes but with colon), so for example in KMail settings
> my username is entered as "recent:jwstolarek@..." (again, without
> quotes). This enables checking email by multiple mail clients (in case you
> have several machines). See [2]. Moreover, for me without the "recent:"
> prefix, instead of having access to newest emails as they come in, I would
> only see email in a batch every few hours.
Here is what I originally wrote: 

Whoa! That is one cool trick! It might be general knowledge for some, but it's 
news to me, and I never found anything like that among suggestions in Gmail's 
pages, nor on other sites who offer advice on how to for Gmail. (Doesn't work 
on Zoho mail, however; just thought I'd give it a try.) At least I managed to 
clear all the old emails off the server. 

> 3. Contrary to what other said, I rarely have problems caused by logining
> in from different locations. I regularly use VPN so sometimes I'll be
> checking my email from Switzerland and 5 minutes later I'm checking it from
> Canada. I have no problems in overwhelming majority of cases.
Yeah, I was beginning to feel like some kind of shiftless [or maybe shifty?]* 
pariah, banned from Google periodically, because I have moved from my home to 
the library, 15 minutes' walk from here. 

> Janek
> [1]
> [2]

Thanks for the tip! 


P.S. After I implemented this change in my Gmail accounts [see above], 
suddenly my wifi was disabled. I spent a few hours last night, then again 
this morning, trying in vain to get it back. Then it seemed that my eth0, as 
well, wasn't recognized! How can that be? 

I even started the process of reinstalling my Devuan Beowulf (a pain, but it's 
much quicker now than it was when running Jessie); during setup nothing in my 
network was recognized! Hardware failure?!?! Then I tried some rescue discs 
and other such tools; again, nothing happening. 

The only thing I had done was to change that line in Gmail, then to check 
email. Could Google really be such a Big Brother gangsta that they would 
deliberately destroy my wireless and ethernet connections? 

Those jive %@! >?$#~!!!!

At last I check my wifi antenna. (I know, it's weird to use a wifi antenna for 
a desktop computer, but I built this system out of parts.) As it turns out, 
somehow the USB got unplugged from the antenna itself, which is odd, because 
I actually have it clamped in place, to make sure that cannot happen. I can 
only imagine that I must have stepped on a wire when moving round the stand 
that holds my printer; maybe just enough pressure to pull it loose. 

Well, so the moral of this story is, never let your paranoia decide the cause 
of bad experiences, when your own clumsiness or stupidity can explain it. 

P.P.S. *It occurs to me that whether one is "shiftless" [unmotivated, lazy] 
or "shifty" [nervous, acting guilty, moving round too much, no fixed abode, 
etc.], both are bad. So is it better to be shifty or shiftless, or should one 
avoid this word altogether?