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Month: September 2020

Re: [trinity-users] how to get tdenetworkmanager - with no wicd ?

From: "William Morder via trinity-users" <trinity-users@...>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2020 08:28:17 -0700

On Thursday 03 September 2020 08:10:44 BorgLabs - Kate Draven wrote:
> > While I have Internet, of a sort, I still have a few glitches; for
> > example,
> I
> > cannot go offline, then go online again. Somehow, wicd either
> > auto-connects to my wifi network; when instead, I want to enable wifi,
> > then look at the available network choices, because my local network has
> > several nodes or access points within the building where I live, and
> > somehow it doesn't
> always
> > choose the strongest or closest signal. I have an access point right
> > outside my door, yet autoconnect seems to avoid it.
> Reply: if you are using some kind of communal wifi. Don't allow auto
> connect. Bad human. Instead always choose it manually. Go go prefs and
> untick any auto connect options. Be safe.

No, I never allow my machine to auto-do anything. It is a "secure" network, in 
the sense that it has a wifi password, which is slightly less difficult 
that "password" "love" or "god" to figure out, and which has not been changed 
in nearly a year. So, yes, everybody and their dogs have already cracked our 
wifi password. On the other hand, it's pretty fast; and with proper 
precautions, I usually manage to remain either undetected or at least 
> > But when I try to disconnect, sometimes wicd seems to hang on, and show
> > me still connected, yet I can't download emails or go online for other
> > stuff. When I run macchanger, it keeps showing me that my mac address
> > changes; and
> I
> > run knetstats-trinity (which is a nice simple gui tool) and it shows my
> > wireless is connected then disconnected, shows activity then no activity;
> yet
> > in reality, I can't go online. So my only recourse at this point is to
> > reboot.
> When that happens. Restart wicd and wicd-tray. However, before that, do
> this. "service network restart" from a root terminal. See if that helps.
> > When I tried to get tdenetworkmanager to run, I had those problems
> > already discussed earlier. I managed to download the packages and
> > dependencies to install network-manager-tde without systemd, so it all
> > *seems* like it ought to work out right, but I always end up going back
> > to wicd; which, again, is only sort of half-working at the moment, and I
> > must keep rebooting.
> >
> > How would I go about pruning away the wicd stuff that I don't want, and
> > keeping only the tdenetworkmanager and required dependencies, etc.? I've
> > search apt-get, but I believe that I already have all the dependencies
> > and recommends. I can't think what else I might have missed.
> You don't need to remove wicd for the moment, just disable it.
> /etc/xdg/autostart is likely where you will find it.
> or use whatever startup control tool you have to do the same.

I'll give those steps a try. I like to have wicd "there" (just in case), but I 
like tdenetworkmanager better. 
> tdenetworkmanager never seemed to work for me unless I ran it as root. Same
> with net-applet.
> Kate

When tdenetworkmanager *does* work, it is nice and simple. But mainly, I was 
always able to disconnect and reconnect my wifi without these lingering 
issues. I belief this is also the work of the seely folk or their kindred; 
unless the Men in Black are more clever than they have seemed thus far.