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Month: September 2020

Who says voodoo doesn't work!

From: "BorgLabs - Kate Draven" <borglabs4@...>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2020 23:14:48 -0400
Ok so...

I was hitting me little Alistair Izzard voodoo doll with a 4.5k, deadblow, 
sledgehammer, as one does. Suddenly the touchscreen on the flex 4 started 

Voodoo and a sturdy DB sledgehammer always seems to do the trick.

I'm going to make a orangeman doll now. 


Thanks Ali, I think it was some of the recent updates to wacom stuff that did 
it. Well, let's say it was (I know it was the doll and hammer).

The Great and Terrible.

PS, though it was "native" to win10 the touchscreen never worked with it. I 
was able to get it to work with several linux distros but they seemed to have 
update or beta wacom stuff.