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Month: September 2020

Re: [trinity-users] Touch screen problem RESOLVED!

From: "BorgLabs - Kate Draven" <borglabs4@...>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2020 19:04:26 -0400
On Friday 04 September 2020, alistair izzard via trinity-users wrote:
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>   On Fri, 4 Sep 2020 at 21:26, BorgLabs - Kate Draven<borglabs4@...>
> wrote:   SPOILERS: It was a gremlin!
> ok ok, no.
> Anyway,  thank you Michael for the clue that lead me to the realization.
> Long story short, the touchscreen IS a usb device.
> I have solaar running to control multiple input devices.
> So it was a "switch" and perm problem. In order for solaar to work you have
> plug out all usb pointer devices, then back in again. I can't do that with
> the TS. BUTT when I go into hybernation, the perms are "remembered" and
> this time the screen is activated. There's the fiddly switch problem. I was
> able to confirm it with repeated full reboots and hybernation boot.
> My next text will be to disable solaar and see if it works.
> Michael I have added you to the list of life forms I will keep as pets when
> the universe is mine.
> And thanks, of course,to Ali Izzard for creating a great TDE distro that
> allows this poor ideapad to be fully function. Considering it was never
> fully functional under the "native" OS Itblow 10.
> "Wiener Dog" is now my daily driver for me onsite pack. All 22ks of it
> (about 50 lbs). Will 45lbs now that I'm not carrying the 8 lbs laptop.
> And thanks to all for your input. This is a great community.
> Kate
> You are very welcome Kate :) oh I'll be one of your pets huh? Lol 
> Alie
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Aye, of course you will! And you will get specials treats!