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Month: September 2020

[trinity-users] installing icecat from source packages - how2 draft

From: William Morder via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 04:55:15 -0700

Since this is not quite a new thread, but continues what was discussed in the 
old thread, I've just changed the header. Also, I cut out the comments, as 
this is already long enough, and those who are interested can refer to the 
older threads to see what they missed. 

Okay, so there are a few more who express a little interest, by contrast with 
those who are not interested, or don't see the need. 

The steps are still not quite as clear as they could be, but once I put it all 
in order, I'll post it on the TDE wiki, or get help from Michael. Comments 
are welcome; improvements can be made. This is not quite finished as I want 
it, but it'll do for most of us. 

I could use some help on how to write symlinks at the end; otherwise, just 
give me some time, so I can make sure that I got it right. If I've missed 
anything, or could make it simpler or clearer, I am open to suggestions. 
After I (we) get it in order, and simplify the steps, then I'll post a how-to 
on the wiki. 

My source page was here:
Kate used another mirror, here:
There are other mirrors, too. 

tar xvf icecat-60.7.0.en-US.gnulinux-i686.tar.bz2
sudo ln -s $PWD/icecat/icecat-bin /usr/bin/icecat icecat

Here is where the problem comes in. The user [myself, in this example] ends up 
with an icecat folder in the /home/<user> directory. If you look at the last 
step, it is supposed to make a shortcut, /usr/bin/icecat, which points 
to /usr/lib/icecat/icecat-bin -- but it seems a couple steps are missing 

Unless you want to run icecat from your home folder, then you need to find 
where to insert the icecat folder. 

The user must copy the newly-created icecat folder from /home/<user>/icecat 
to /usr/lib; also it would probably be a good idea to backup this icecat 
folder somewhere safe, so you don't have to repeat the first step, and also 
for reference, because the contents will help you identify the proper 

To make sure you are doing it right, compare with firefox or palemoon or 
another mozilla browser. 

If you follow me so far, then: 
sudo cp -v -r -f /home/<user>/icecat -t /media/<my_safe_location>/
sudo cp -v -r -f /home/<user>/icecat -t /usr/lib/

So far, so good, but now you need to create a symlink: 

/usr/lib/icecat/icecat-bin >>> /usr/bin/icecat-bin

Or maybe it is the other way round. In any case, I was reading up on the 
syntax, how to create a symlink. Otherwise, I just do it manually: put the 
two folders side by side, drag the icon into the folder where I want it, but 
when Konqueror asks me if I want to move, copy, or link here, I choose the 

Last step, for the insane control freaks (like the present author) who want to 
stop all leaks and keep Big Brother and his evil minions from nibbling away 
at your soul ... 

If you have extensions or settings from Firefox or other browsers, they can be 
copied into your Icecat folder pretty much wholesale (but I wouldn't do it 
that way the first time). /home/<user>/.mozilla/<mozilla browser>; except for 
Pale Moon, which uses a non-mozilla folder, /home/<user>/.moonchild 
productions -- which is annoying, for anybody who uses command-line to move 
things around, because of that space in the name. 

Should you choose to go this route, try adding extensions from your other 
mozilla folders, one-at-a-time, to see what the browser will accept without 
complaint. The new web extensions are displacing the older xpi extensions, 
and some will not work, but newer ones are coming out, and new versions of 
old classics are being redone, too. 

As I said, this is still messy, as I am retracing my steps and thinking out 
loud, and repeating myself. The short version comes only with revision. 


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