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Month: September 2020

[trinity-users] Re: [users] systemd-homed - new thread

From: J Leslie Turriff via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 08:14:23 -0500
On 2020-09-15 07:40:58 William Morder via tde-users wrote:
> On Monday 14 September 2020 10:44:39 BorgLabs - Kate Draven via tde-users
> wrote:
> > On Monday 14 September 2020, William Morder via tde-users wrote:
> > > >From Nik's previous post:
> > >
> > > This systemd crap is already bad enough, but homed will eventually work
> > > its way into other stuff beyond systemd, and then will become hard to
> > > avoid.
> > >
> > > It *sounds* good, being able to move home directories from one machine
> > > to another without so much fuss; but I already do that, pretty much,
> > > with only a little fuss.
> > >
> > > My suspicion is that somebody's mother is now trying to impose
> > > conformity on everybody, not just myself, to do our thinking for us;
> > > because, of course, it is for our own good.
> > >
> > > They are trying to get rid of a headache by giving us nightmares
> > > instead.
> > >
> > > Bill
> > >
> > >
> > > P.S. Note that I alone am sticking to the discipline of creating a
> > > completely new thread.
> >
> > I don't understand why this is even needed?! I can already move home
> > directories without a problem. Been doing it for years. I just make sure
> > to use the same user on the same distro, same etc. Works perfectly. Or I
> > save key settings (konq bookmarks, FF bms, etc) it's so easy after that
> > to just retheme to spec.
> >
> > There's something suspcious about systemd, especially the way they are
> > pushing it on everyone. Whatever happened to freedom on free software?
> >
> > Kate
> Better not to give in to conspiracy-theory thinking here. I believe a
> simpler proportion is at work.
> The more money, property or power is involved, the greater the degree of
> corruption. Who was it that said it? Lord Acton? "Power corrupts. Absolute
> power corrupts absolutely."
> Corruption creeps in by small degrees. It starts with somebody offering
> front-row seats at some special, exclusive event, or just being given "free
> money" or other unearned bonuses and perks.
> In all this technophobic conspiracy thinking, there is a simpler principle
> at work. People who are in business want to know who are their customers.
> (It makes more sense in a small business, where we meet in person.) When we
> move into situations where the people in business never actually meet most
> of their customers, they must find other ways to get to "know" them. At
> first, I'm sure, they mean well, and only want to serve the needs and wants
> of people who buy or use their goods and services; but as the company and
> customer base grows, and as competition also increases, then comes the need
> for greater control.
> And now, we the users are not even really exactly "customers" or "clients",
> but just use what we get for free; and because it's free, of course, we are
> taught that we should not complain or make demands, but just be grateful.
> In the end, we, the customers, users, renters (whatever our situation)
> become the least important part; in fact, an obstacle to doing business.
> What the business person would prefer, really, is just to withdraw money
> directly from our accounts, without any interaction from ourselves. But
> this is only because doing business in person is becoming a rare occasion
> any more.
> Bill

	Actually, as has been pointed out by many people, to these businesses we are
no longer so much customers (to be sold products to) as products ourselves,
whose data can be sold to other companies.


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