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Month: September 2020

Re: kicker does not work

From: Uwe Brauer <oub@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 18:06:09 +0200
>>> "SBvt" == Sl�vek Banko via tde-users <ml-migration-agent-AA1CGeSZfcB6iVtQByZ3Ah2eb7JE58TQ@...> writes:

> On Wednesday 16 of September 2020 16:46:45 Uwe Brauer via tde-users wrote:
>> Hi
>> In the latest trinity kicker does not work, but freezes, I attach a
>> screen shot
>> Shall I switch to the nightly builds?
>> Regards
>> Uwe Brauer

> Are you using a stable release - R14.0.8 or a PSB repository - R14.0.9~pre?

I am using the one recommended
in my understanding this is the stable release.

> Some time ago, a commit was pushed, which solves an infinite loop when 
> rendering some special SVG files (icons). This is already part of PSB. If 
> you're using a stable release, you can try update to PSB to see if that 
> solves the problem you're having.

Ok I do that, one question: would that also solve the hibernation
problem I reported a while ago?