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Month: September 2020

[trinity-users] Re: Migration of services - 1. web server

From: Michele Calgaro via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 23:04:32 +0900
>> Yes, that's exactly what I had in mind - a solution in CSS. This could
>> preserve the simplicity and no need for javascripts.
>> Remember that if moving a menu is a response to a "narrow display", then
>> there probably won't be much space for the menu to be arranged
>> horizontally. That's my guess.
> I'm going to have to check up on the average resolution of modern phone
> displays.  500 or 600px should be enough.  300px is probably too little.

All you have said here sounds good to me too.

>> A little note here: We have three useful interfaces - CGit, Gitea and
>> Weblate. I believe that all three should be mentioned here.
>> In addition, Commit history provides an excellent overview of what's going
>> on in git across all the individual GIT modules - it seems like a good
>> idea to keep it in the menu as well.
> The majority of the people visiting the site are users, not developers.
> Even for prospective developers, the nav menu "Developers" section
> is too complex right now.  We should reduce the number of links to
> no more than 6 (5 or less would be better).  Currently, people not
> familiar with the site are probably experiencing choice paralysis when
> they see the options.
> The "GIT" link should point at the most-used interface to the currently
> active source control repository (or at a subsidiary page explaining why
> there's more than one).  Anyone who knows how to use a source control
> system will be able to get to the commit history from there.  People who
> don't understand source control won't understand what a "Commit History"
> link means.  It's something for developers to bookmark, not something
> that needs to be presented to everyone.

Fully agree with E. here.
We could in fact have a single link to a "Development" page on the wiki, where we can more freely add contents and links 
to other sections. The "Development" pages in the current wiki also need a rework, IMO.

> Breaking Weblate out is legitimate, on the other hand, since it's aimed at
> translators rather than coders. So add a "Translations" link or similar.
> So we now have:
> DEVELOPMENT:  Get Involved, GIT, API Docs, Library Projects,
> Translations, Resources

I really question the need to have a "Library project" page. All the libraries we used are in the source code already, 
what's so special about some of them to create a dedicated page?

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