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Month: September 2020

Latest Trinity+ Ubuntu 20.04 sound ok in Ubuntu but not loud enough in trinity

From: Uwe Brauer <oub@...>
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2020 09:45:59 +0200


On a Thinkpad X1 (8th generation) 
I installed freshly Ubuntu 20.04 
and the trinity preliminary stable version 
# Trinity preliminary stable builds
deb focal deps-r14 main-r14
deb-src focal deps-r14 main-r14

I run into a bizarre sound problem.

First I had to run the advice found in

After starting the Laptop I login to the Ubuntu/Gnome environment.
There I use either 

    1. Google Meet

    2. Or an application called collaborate

To do a video conference. The sound of the partner of the conversation
is ok, not as loud as in Windows 10 (which the machine has also
installed), but ok.

When I log out and log into trinity repeating the steps, the sound I
hear is much more silent. 

I could not try out skype, since the test call does not recoginise the
microphone, but this is a different problem.

When I open in trinity a new session and login into the Ubuntu/GNome
environment, the sound still is low.

I tried out pluseaudio or sof-hda-dsp

The Micros which are offered are

    1. Default System

    2. Sof-hda-dsp digital microphone

    3. Sof-hda-dsp digital steoro microphone

The headphones could be either 

    1. Default

    2. Sof-sda-dsp Speaker+Headphone

    3. Sof-sda-dsp HDI3/DP3 OUTPUT (not working)

    4. Sof-sda-dsp HDI3/DP2 OUTPUT (not working)

    5. Sof-sda-dsp HDI3/DP2 OUTPUT (not working)

I am really desperate. I don't have the problem running my Thinkpad X1
(4th generation running Ubuntu 16.04 and the corresponding Trinity

Any advice is strongly appreciated. The video issue is essential in the
Covid period.

Shall I try to install Ubuntu 18.04 on the new X1? (I can't use 16.04
because the netcard is not supported).


Uwe Brauer