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Month: September 2020

[trinity-users] Migration of services - 2. git repository

From: Slávek Banko via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 22:52:56 +0200
Hi all,

the second service on the migration list is the git server - git 

-- Migration status --

The GIT server was successfully migrated. The previously used SCM Manager 
has been replaced by Gitea. Gitea is a GitHub-style service, so it serves 
not only as a server for GIT repositories, but as a comprehensive 
platform - workspace for developers and users. See

Currently, the primary place to work with GIT is TDE Gitea Workspace (TGW) 
located on a VPS donated by The second instance of Gitea is 
located in a virtual machine on a new tde-box donated by Integricloud. 
This second instance is in read-only mode to serve as a second copy that 
no one can write to directly. The individual repositories between these 
instances are synchronized every hour.

The CGit interface has also been migrated. This can be used for quick 
searches in git repositories. It is configured to display data directly 
from the TGW GIT repositories, so there is no delay - commits to the TGW 
are immediately visible in CGit as well.

TGW is connected to the new mailing list commits@..., so if 
you want to be informed about all changes in GIT, you can subscribe to 
this mailing list. If you want to be informed about pull-requested and 
issues, you can create an account in TGW and turn on the watch on the 
repositories that interest you.

-- What needs to be done --

It seems that everything related to the migration of the GIT server is now 
complete. TGW has been used successfully for more than two years.

Once we proceed with the migration of the DNS servers of the domain, it will be a good idea to change the address 
for TGW, because the current 
may look confusing. I would like

-- More ideas and suggestions?

Does everything work fine with the TGW and CGit?
Do you have any other ideas and suggestions?

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