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Month: September 2020

[trinity-users] Re: Installing Trinity 14.8 on fresh Debian 10 left with broken system

From: William Morder via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2020 08:47:04 -0700

On Monday 28 September 2020 04:03:26 Michele Calgaro via tde-users wrote:
> On 2020/09/28 06:28 PM, Abdurrahman via tde-users wrote:
> > Michael: You're racist, and not the honest kinda racist, more like the
> > hypocritical kind who tries to spin it into something else by appending a
> > long pointless msg. Recent versions of Trinity causes problems if
> > installed alongside other desktop environments, apt-get remove makes it
> > worse. Test before you speak.
> >
> > Salam
> Abdurrahman,
> I usually don't get involved much in this sort of disputes, I stick to
> technical things. But:
> 1) common sense suggests that you don't get people to help you by telling
> them they are racist, hypocritical and so on.
> 2) there is a ML etiquette which is clearly posted on the TDE website that
> asks specifically not to top post, so make sure you know the rules before
> you insult others.
> 3) lot of people on this ML have been around for long time and have helped
> out each others a lot. I don't remember seeing you around for that long, so
> I take you are a new or recent user of this ML. Once again, make sure you
> know the rules of the community if you want to participate and get people
> to help you. Insulting others doesn't buy you any friends. Not just here,
> anywhere in life.
> Cheers
>    Michele

We have even managed to help out others when, in other ways, we are totally at 
odds with their expressed views or ideas -- especially where they involve 
religion, politics, philosophy, etc. 

I can think of a few people on the list whose opinions are diametrically 
opposed to my own (at least, to judge by superficial details); yet we have 
managed to cooperate when it comes to the Trinity desktop project. 

It seems to me that we share a common purpose, if we participate in this 
mailing list, and mostly we manage to rise above petty differences. 

Nobody knows your race, ethnic background, or anything else about you, unless 
you choose to tell us. And I hope that we can keep the peace here, at least, 
when the rest of the world is falling apart all round us. 

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