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Month: October 2020

[trinity-users] Re: KoolDock What is it good for?

From: Michele Calgaro via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2020 16:45:14 +0900
On 2020/10/03 09:03 AM, BorgLabs - Kate Draven via tde-users wrote:
>> On 2020-10-02 7:25 p.m., BorgLabs - Kate Draven wrote:
>>>> On 2020-10-02 5:48 p.m., BorgLabs - Kate Draven wrote:
>>>>>> KoolDock is a nice app docking application.
>>>>>> As I don't want to have any icons on the screen background because they
>>>>>> are hidden by other running program, I added the apps I use the most in
>>> it.
>>>>>> I placed it at the top of my second screen and set the auto-hide
> feature
>>> on.
>>>>>> So even while running a program in full screen I just have to "touch"
>>>>>> the top of the screen with the mouse to make it appear and start an
>>>>>> other program.
>>>>>> Well, it is old (since KDE 1.4) but it is easy to use, slim, very
>>>>>> reliable and has a nice look.
>>>>>> I used it for years with TDE and thought it was a nice goody to give as
>>>>>> a contribution.
>>>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>> I love kooldock. It's very useful. I don't need to have application
>>> launchers
>>>>> on the desktop. I just keep dir links and files. Work on the desktop
> only.
>>>>> Kate
>>>>> The Great and Terrible.
>>>> Hi Kate "The Great and Terrible" :-),
>>>> I am glad to see that I am not the only one using this small beauty!
>>>> I was afraid no one was aware of my one and little contribution to TDE.
>>>> I have been using it for at least ten years and decided to give it to
>>>> the TDE community five years ago and had no feedback ever since.
>>>> Thank you Kate, my self esteem goes one step up!

Just for info, KoolDock has been available on R14.1.0-dev for quite a while by now, but it will be "officially" released 
in TDE R14.0.9, which is coming soon (together with a bunch of other apps too).


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