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Month: October 2020

[trinity-users] Re: how to upgrade TDE without ALL language packs?

From: "Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2020 20:58:15 +0200
Anno domini 2020 Sun, 4 Oct 11:52:09 -0700
 William Morder via tde-users scripsit:
> Now that I checked my own sources.list, it occurred to me to try an upgrade, 
> and there are lots of new Trinity packages available. However, many of these 
> are language packs that I don't really need: 
> tde-i18n-af-trinity tde-i18n-ar-trinity tde-i18n-az-trinity 
> tde-i18n-be-trinity tde-i18n-bg-trinity
>   tde-i18n-bn-trinity tde-i18n-br-trinity tde-i18n-bs-trinity 
> tde-i18n-ca-trinity tde-i18n-cs-trinity tde-i18n-csb-trinity
>   tde-i18n-cy-trinity tde-i18n-da-trinity tde-i18n-de-trinity 
> tde-i18n-el-trinity tde-i18n-engb-trinity tde-i18n-eo-trinity
>   tde-i18n-es-trinity tde-i18n-et-trinity tde-i18n-eu-trinity 
> tde-i18n-fa-trinity tde-i18n-fi-trinity tde-i18n-fr-trinity
>   tde-i18n-fy-trinity tde-i18n-ga-trinity tde-i18n-gl-trinity 
> tde-i18n-he-trinity tde-i18n-hi-trinity tde-i18n-hr-trinity
>   tde-i18n-hu-trinity tde-i18n-is-trinity tde-i18n-it-trinity 
> tde-i18n-ja-trinity tde-i18n-kk-trinity tde-i18n-km-trinity
>   tde-i18n-ko-trinity tde-i18n-lt-trinity tde-i18n-lv-trinity 
> tde-i18n-mk-trinity tde-i18n-mn-trinity tde-i18n-ms-trinity
>   tde-i18n-nb-trinity tde-i18n-nds-trinity tde-i18n-nl-trinity 
> tde-i18n-nn-trinity tde-i18n-pa-trinity tde-i18n-pl-trinity
>   tde-i18n-pt-trinity tde-i18n-ptbr-trinity tde-i18n-ro-trinity 
> tde-i18n-ru-trinity tde-i18n-rw-trinity tde-i18n-se-trinity
>   tde-i18n-sk-trinity tde-i18n-sl-trinity tde-i18n-sr-trinity 
> tde-i18n-srlatin-trinity tde-i18n-ss-trinity tde-i18n-sv-trinity
>   tde-i18n-ta-trinity tde-i18n-te-trinity tde-i18n-tg-trinity 
> tde-i18n-th-trinity tde-i18n-tr-trinity tde-i18n-uk-trinity
>   tde-i18n-uz-trinity tde-i18n-uzcyrillic-trinity tde-i18n-vi-trinity 
> tde-i18n-wa-trinity tde-i18n-zhcn-trinity
>   tde-i18n-zhtw-trinity 
> Is there any way to upgrade without also downloading ALL of these?!?! I am 
> pretty sure I did not install earlier versions of these packages. 

IMO this should not happen. Can't you uninstall them?


> Bill 
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