On 2020-10-04 2:26 p.m., Slávek Banko via tde-users wrote:
Dne Sunday 04 of October 2020 20:00:42 midi-pascal via tde-users napsal(a):
On 2020-10-04 1:36 p.m., Slávek Banko via tde-users wrote:
Hi all,

let me remind those who still use old mailing list, you should
consider subscription for new mailing list soon, because it is planned
to stop the migration agent and stop the old mailing lists at the end
of the month!

See the full announcement that was sent some time ago:

Hi Slávek,

I registered to the new trinity-users mailing list weeks ago but when I
try to login I get:

Subscription request already pending

Same result for the trinity-devels mailing list...

I did not received confirmation e-mail either.

Did I do something wrong?



Hi Pascal,

did you use mail users-join@... or the web interface to 
subscribe? I don't see any incoming or outgoing mail for your address in 
the mail server log. Either of these ways should cause some mail, so it's 
weird that there's no mail at all.


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Hi Slávek,

I used the mail.

Do I need to put a subject or some contents to the mail?