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Month: October 2020

Re: [trinity-users] Re: Exegnulinux Remaster question

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2020 01:52:30 +0100

Exegnu is designed to be pure devuan with TDE and a few other additions, 
mostly as custom deb packages.. exegnu-userdefaults-trinity (description 
incorrectly says jessie, its now for beowulf>) is the one which does 
what it suggests (including skel configs)

root@vaio:/# dpkg -l|grep exegnu
ii  exegnu-installer                     3.0.3 
     all          Installer for Exe GNU/Linux (Devuan with Trinity 
Desktop Environment)
ii  exegnu-keyring                       1 
     all          exegnulinux archive keyring
ii  exegnu-oxygen-icons                  3.0.0 
     all          Oxygen Icon Theme for Trinity Desktop
ii  exegnu-trinity-themes                3.0.3 
     all          Exe GNU/Linux Ksplash and Wallpaper for Trinity Desktop
ii  exegnu-userdefaults-trinity          3.0.3+1 
     all          Exe GNU/Linux User Defaults for Debian/Devuan Jessie 
with Trinity Desktop.
ii  live-boot                            1:20190614+exegnu1 
     all          Live System Boot Components
ii  live-boot-initramfs-tools            1:20190614+exegnu1 
     all          Live System Boot Components (initramfs-tools backend)
ii  pmount                               0.9.99-alpha-1+exegnu1 
     amd64        mount removable devices as normal user
ii  straw-viewer                         0.0.3-2~exegnu1 
     all          Search, stream and download YouTube content.

live-config-trinity is the other one, this sets the live-config 
functions for TDE (for a live system), which is unsupported in the 

The rest are packages not available elsewhere or rebuilds with extra 
functionality and none are essential.

BTW Exegnu is built from a clean bootstrap and isn't actually 
Refracta-based. Although I have been involved also with Refracta and of 
course include some of the excellent Refracta tools in exegnu.