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Month: October 2020

[trinity-users] Re: kmail through ssh tunnel

From: William Morder via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2020 23:34:34 -0700

On Wednesday 07 October 2020 23:07:55 Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:
> Anno domini 2020 Wed, 7 Oct 16:32:12 -0700
>  William Morder via tde-users scripsit:
> > Since we are going off-topic all over the place, I will try to be the
> > pillar of stability here. (I know, I know, but nobody else will do it.) I
> > am starting a new thread, because this goes off-topic in a good way.
> You earned yourself a cookie :)

Yet no ice cream or milk to go with it. Also, I believe there was some mention 
of apfelstrudel,* but my plate is still empty. 

* apologies for missing umlaut
P.S. We call it apple strudel in these here parts. 

> > I believe it was Michael who wrote this memorable line, which immediately
> > got
> >
> > my attention:
> > > POP through an always present SSH tunnel.
> >
> > Now, I have used ssh tunnels for lots of programs that are more (what's
> > the word?) "passive"; that is, listening to online radio, xmpp clients,
> > wget, youtube-dl and apt-get and other things like that, where I am
> > mostly downloading data. But when I tried to run Kmail over any proxy
> > connections, it would crash. It seemed to me that an ssh tunnel would be
> > the way, but how to do it?
> POP is running on somewhereelse. You connet to somewhereelse through ssh:
> ssh you@somewhereelse -L8110:localhost:110
> Now somwherelse:110 (aka POP) is on your localhost:110 - ready for kmail to
> connext. Please note, that the "localhost" is leative to somewhereelse, not
> your local computer.
> POP is running on a thepopserver, reachable from somewhereelse. You connet
> to sumewhereelse through ssh and build a tunel that ends on thepopserver.
> note, thepopserver only needs to be reachable from somewhereelse, not your
> local site: ssh you@somewhereelse -L8110:thepopserver:110
> Now thepopserver:110 (aka POP) is on your localhost:110 - ready for kmail
> to connext.
Just guessing, but I assume that the port number can be changed to, say, 
995 -- right? 

Also, does it work about the same with smtp? 

> Or use sshuttle to tunnel all your traffic through somewhereelse.
> Note: the local end (on your local computer) of the tunnel is established
> immediately, the remote part (somewherelse) is established when something
> connects to the local end.
> Nik
Thanks, Nik! 

This is why I like the TDE mailing list. Somebody else has probably already 
tried out whatever I am just now imagining. 

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