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Month: October 2020

Re: [trinity-users] Re: Exegnulinux Remaster question

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2020 20:00:06 +0100
On 07/10/2020 20:41, Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:
> Hi David!
> Anno domini 2020 Wed, 7 Oct 01:52:30 +0100
>   David Hare via tde-users scripsit:
>> Nik,
>> Exegnu is designed to be pure devuan with TDE and a few other additions,
>> mostly as custom deb packages.. exegnu-userdefaults-trinity (description
>> incorrectly says jessie, its now for beowulf>) is the one which does
>> what it suggests (including skel configs)
>> root@vaio:/# dpkg -l|grep exegnu
>> ii  exegnu-installer                     3.0.3
>>       all          Installer for Exe GNU/Linux (Devuan with Trinity
>> Desktop Environment)
>> ii  exegnu-keyring                       1
>>       all          exegnulinux archive keyring
>> ii  exegnu-oxygen-icons                  3.0.0
>>       all          Oxygen Icon Theme for Trinity Desktop
>> ii  exegnu-trinity-themes                3.0.3
>>       all          Exe GNU/Linux Ksplash and Wallpaper for Trinity Desktop
>> ii  exegnu-userdefaults-trinity          3.0.3+1
>>       all          Exe GNU/Linux User Defaults for Debian/Devuan Jessie
>> with Trinity Desktop.
>> ii  live-boot                            1:20190614+exegnu1
>>       all          Live System Boot Components
>> ii  live-boot-initramfs-tools            1:20190614+exegnu1
>>       all          Live System Boot Components (initramfs-tools backend)
>> ii  pmount                               0.9.99-alpha-1+exegnu1
>>       amd64        mount removable devices as normal user
>> ii  straw-viewer                         0.0.3-2~exegnu1
>>       all          Search, stream and download YouTube content.
>> live-config-trinity is the other one, this sets the live-config
>> functions for TDE (for a live system), which is unsupported in the
>> mainstream.
>> The rest are packages not available elsewhere or rebuilds with extra
>> functionality and none are essential.
>> BTW Exegnu is built from a clean bootstrap and isn't actually
>> Refracta-based. Although I have been involved also with Refracta and of
>> course include some of the excellent Refracta tools in exegnu.
>> Cheers,
>> D
> Thank you for the explanation. I managed to customize exegnu. Right now I'm stuck at the exegnu-installer :)
> This is what I've done:
> - changed /lib/live/config/0050-locales and /lib/live/config/1066-trinity-lang to default to de_DE (insted of en_US).
> - PREEMPT-RT kernel
> - LinuxCNC + html docs + smictrl + KiCad ...
> - TDE configured to my needs
> - removed the content of /etc/exegnu/skel (all the relevant settings are in ~user)
> - made /etc/skel to match my users config including .trinity (this might be an error, but I think it's not)
> - made /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local to take care of the specialities from /etc/skel
> - made a folder ~/tool/ with F-Engrave + G-code_ripper + dmap2gcode + pcb2gcodeGUI + dxf2gcode + PyCAM
> - made custom menu for the tools
> Then I built a ISO with refractasnapshot. The resulting ISO works as expected - ~/tools is present, menu is there etc.
> But when I run the installer, the additionons are gone. Basicly it looks like the user directory is wiped clean and restored from /etc/skel and /etc/exegnu/skel - wich I think is what is actually going on.
> So now I'm working my way through exegnu-installer to see how I could make my "new" user identical to the user of the ISO. When this is done I have a fine image for my lectures  - and anybody who wants exegnu remastered with linuxcnc is wellcome to test :)
> BTW, there is a bug in 1067-exegnu-userdefaults, line 48:
> SYSTEMLANG=$(cat /etc/default/locale|grep -m 1 'LANG='| sed 's/LANG=\"//'| sed 's/[A-Z].*//')
> As /etc/default/locale does not have a <"> the spanish version is never used.
> What I am now struggling with (besides the installer) is an easy way to make my modifications to the various refracta/live/exegnu-packages kind of persistent - i.e. make it survive a package reinstallation.
> Nik

Cheers Nik,

I see you (mostly) worked out your remaster issues yourself! Well done, 
and thanks, because you also raised a few issues with the default exegnu 
image that need sorting but I had missed. It needs to work 
out-of-the-box with refractasnapshot.

Re language: The correct way to set language is with a boot parameter on 
cmdline, e.g. lang=de (parsed in live-config script 1066-trinity-lang) 
OR the Debian way, locales=de_DE.UTF-8 keyboard-layouts=de .. no need to 
edit those scripts. It only defaults to en_US if nothing is specified or 
if it is unspported. Of course the appropriate TDE language pack should 
be installed, e.g.tde-i18n-de-trinity. Which it isn't on the default 
iso, multiple language packs would make the iso very large!

The exegnu installer needs patching to show "clone" mode properly. It's 
looking for a file "/etc/snapshot-id", from a previous experimental 
snapshot version no longer in use. That should in turn fix the skel 
issue for a snapshot installation.

Thanks for identifying 1067-exegnu-userdefaults, line 48 .. I expect 
that was once correct but maybe got changed in ascii/beowulf..

Not sure what you mean by modifications to the various 
refracta/live/exegnu-packages .. if you mean package lists, you would 
need to generate a new one before running refractasnapshot e.g.
dpkg -l|egrep "^ii|^hi"|awk '{print $2 " " $3}' |column -t > pacckages.txt

and place it manually in /live of your snapshot build directory before 
you build the iso..