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Month: October 2020

[trinity-users] Re: A look at the narrow version of the webpage

From: Slávek Banko via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 23:36:52 +0200
On Monday 12 of October 2020 21:16:49 E. Liddell via tde-users wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Oct 2020 03:31:40 +0200
> Sl�vek Banko via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...> wrote:
> > On Sunday 11 of October 2020 21:25:24 E. Liddell wrote:
> > > For your amusement (and to test whether I can actually *post* to the
> > > new mailing lists, since I got the confirm and welcome mails, but
> > > other messages have only been coming from the old list), I offer the
> > > following glimpses of what the tweaked website will look like on
> > > smaller devices:
> [snip]
> > > ____________________________________________________
> >
> > That looks great!
> >
> > I originally had no idea if there would be a sense of a vertical menu
> > at the bottom, but now I see that it makes a very good sense. I really
> > like it - all these variants. It's not a problem that the resizing
> > trick doesn't work in Konqueror.
> >
> > Thank you for a great job!
> Now I get to do the difficult part:  rearranging the PHP to generate the
> menu at the end rather than the beginning of each page, which was
> regrettably necessary to pull this off.

I see. Would it be a solution to modify the function so that doHeader() 
stores the information necessary for the menu in a global variable, and a 
later call to doFooter() would generate a menu?

> > Note: In the log on the mail server I see that a message from the new
> > mailing list has been sent to you, so I hope it works all right.
> I'm still receiving listmail only from  and
> not from .  It's possible that fastmail is censoring
> it because I couldn't unsubscribe from the old list (no unsubscribe
> confirmation email was ever sent to me), so my mailbox would be getting
> two copies of each message from different addresses.

Do you have information from the log? For example, for a recent message I 
see delivery:

Oct 12 19:24:25 mail sm-mta[662]: 09CJIAYI032766: to=<ejlddll@...>, delay=00:03:41, xdelay=00:00:12, 
mailer=esmtp, pri=534513, [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (Queued as 

Can you verify what the next handling of the message with ID 35BFBE5E2BD 
was on the server on your side?

By the way, are you also subscribed in the announcements list? It is not 
synchronized with the old announcements list, so there is no double 

> E. Liddell

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