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Month: October 2020

[trinity-users] Re: [OT] Spam

From: Gerhard Zintel <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 14:51:00 +0100
My 2 cents below

On 29/10/2020 14:01, William Morder via tde-users wrote:
> Whatever works. I am open to ideas.
> I do sincerely want everybody to be happy and get along, and I can appreciate
> your point of view. There is no sense in our arguing about this, when we
> could be proposing possible solutions.

Often I was very annoyed by the amount of chit-chat on this list too. But - for
me its not really the pure chit-chat, its the fact that a lot of you do not take
their time to strip down the replies (Kate - do you hear me ;-)! There is no
problem for me to realize that someone only responds with a +1 as long as I can
see it directly in the mail's preview window. I could simply stay on the delete
button for all those similar mails in a row. But if I have to scroll down page
over page to find out that the only response is a +1 I'd like to shoot the
messenger ;-) and would like to switch the behavior of the list to top-posting.

So please, please trim down your answers to the necessary amount as long as
bottom-posting is the policy of this list.

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