I was curious if anyone has run into this odd situation...

I have Ubuntu and Kubuntu, and when I install TDE some parts in the systemsettings panel wont work properly, but when I install TDE on its own, those parts work. So I know its an issue with the other desktops "stealing" control is all. But this is my oddity.. I decided to see what Debian is about right. I installed it, and then I installed TDE. For some reason the systemsettings program didnt download. No biggie I found it in the repositories and installed it. But then I found that several options that should be in there are not. For simplicities sake I will name them off as a list:

1. Disks and Filesystems
2. User management
3. WINE configurator
4. System services

I was wondering if there is a way to like, bring those modules in? I havent ever seen them just not be there before. Could it be an issue with Debian installing GNOME?