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Month: December 2011

Trinity Desktop Environment Feedback

From: Sashko - <techau@...>
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2011 20:51:59 +1100
Hello Timothy,

I just want to say that you are doing a marvelous job with TDE. Words
cannot express how happy I am with TDE. Basically, TDE is a dream come
true. I don't know whether you get any feedback or not but as a developer
I know that feedback is extremely important - it motivates developers do
more coding and improve their work!

I had been looking for a proper Linux Desktop since the time I first
started experimenting with Linux - 1998. Every single DE until TDE came
out has/had been a major disappointment. It has been a major
disappointment because basic concepts of desktop computing such as
Drag&Drop, Search, Copy/Paste, Print Screen etc have not been met and are
not working and this happens right now with some well known DEs with 
their latest releases...

TDE however is addressing all of these concepts and goes way beyond. TDE 
meets and it well
exceeds the basic concepts of desktop computing!

What I like about TDE?

- I can drop any icon/shortcut to the panel - be it a folder, shortcut,
image or a URL from any window regardless what toolkit it is using (I have
tried both GTK and QT)! I can even drag browser URLs into the panel! The
basic concepts of desktop computing!! This is like Windows!! Well done!!

- When I drag the object/icon on the panel (rearranging icons), the space
between the icons is evenly adjusted automatically between the
shortcuts/icons! This is simply awesome!! The basic concepts of desktop
computing!! Well done!!! Basic concepts of desktop computing are actually
working in TDE! Well done!!

- The Search field on the top right of KNQ is awesome! Well done!! It
works better than Windows and it is very quick!!

- Find Files and Folders dialog - Well done!! Well done!!!

- The Search in the T menu - awesome work!! Well done! (I just wish it
could be moved to the bottom but no biggie) - Well done!!

- Print Screen!! Well done!! It works from any app from any widget
regardless which widget has the focus! I have seen poor attempts in the
past where some DEs try to make Print Screen work like in Windows but the
funny thing is it only works when the desktop itself is focused. Once it
looses the focus it does not work. The PRNT SCR stroke is not captured.
Yours however is done the right way! It seems to bypass the focused widget
ignoring its keystroke events and it travels all the way and it captures the
screenshot. Again, basics of desktop computing. *Well Done!!!*

- Mounted drive icons on the desktop - the tooltip and the property dialog
box show the device they are pointing to - e.g: /dev/sdb2 - Well done!
Marvelous job!! With other DEs I have to use long-cuts to find out
what/where everything is! Again, well done!!!

- Your Quick Launch applet on the panel - again, it works pretty much
like the Windows one with full Drag&Drop support from any window and
spaces between icons are automatically and evenly adjusted - Well done!!!

- Right click context menus from the T menu (Copy To Run Dialog, Edit 
Menu Entry
etc) - Absolutely marvelous!!

I just donated to show my support. Please continue the excellent work!
Words cannot express the high quality of your work. I can see true
professionalism and potential! Well done!!

Any way, please keep up the current path and do not make the same mistake
other teams have done. The basics of desktop computing in other DEs are 
not working
and they give us these flashy and useless special effects instead! 
Usability first,
special effects second, not the otherway around!

Ignore negative comments and trolls - there aren't any negatives in TDE.
Any negative comments are made by people that don't understand the basic
concepts of desktop computing. However, You do! TDE does, you've done it
right, You are on the right path. Keep up! TDE has done it right!

(I think based on my feedback, you can tell I have been a Windows user 
but with
TDE, *literally*, that is changing. Again, awesome work, keep up the
good work. I am a hobby developer BCB, VC++, AMX, I might even contribute
with code (C++ here) in the future).

P.S. You need to do something about your site - it looks a little bit
plain!! My colleague at work said, "before I start using a product, I
first look at their web site and if it doesn't look professional...etc
etc". Either way I explained to him that "TDE is an exception" and I
encourage him try it. Don't make the site bloated, just make it less plain.

P.S. I introduce TDE to people at work, showing them screenshots and 
pointing them
at the download URL. Everyone of us should all do the same and I 
encourage every single
one of us to donate and support this project.