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Month: December 2011

issues after migrating KDE3 -> trinity

From: Ilya Dogolazky <ilya.dogolazky@...>
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2011 20:14:20 +0200
Hi again !

After I copied my .kde directory to .trinity, my old KDE3 settings are 
back. But some issues remain. here is the list of issues I've seen so 
far (any help is very welcome!) in none particular order.

The most important items below are: 2, 6.2, 6.3, 8, 11 and of course 1 ;)

1. I got a message "KFish applet can't be installed on the panel", and 
no fish is visible :-(

2. The 'konsole' application (KDE's xterm replacement) can't be started:
ilya@kalma:~$ which konsole
ilya@kalma:~$ konsole
konsole: symbol lookup error: /opt/trinity/lib/ undefined 
symbol: _ZN7QObject18childrenListObjectEv

3. I have two panels, one for buttons, keyes, kfish and menus; and the 
second one for tasks. This second one was configured in KDE to be two 
items high, but now its height is just one item ("item" in my definition 
is a rectangle representing a single task).

Fixed it manually by setting "Size" from "Default" to "Custom 52 pixels"

4. There are some KDE4 artifacts:
4.1 A PSI program successfully attached to the panel, but the drop down 
menus look like those in KDE4 and the UI of the psi program itself looks 
like KDE4. I would like to know if it's the expected behavior. Basicaly 
I have nothing against it (ok, it's ugly, but I can live with it), but 
it's better to know for sure.

4.2 An application called "Nepomuk Strigi File Indexing" (which I never 
seen before) is started, attached to the panel and doing some massive 
input/output. The UI looks like KDE4. I would like to know how to get 
rid of it.

5. Background pictures disappeared, only one of six is visible (I'm 
afraid they were original KDE3 pictures and just gone during the system 

6. Massive screen saver issues:

6.1 My previously used screen saver (displaying failure messages from 
different operation systems) disappeared.

6.2 In the unlock dialog there is no keyboard layout button. This is a 
really critical issue: once locked with Russian layout I can't switch to 
a Latin one, thus I can't enter the password and unlock

6.3 When screen saver is starting only one physical display (out of two) 
is cleaned, so everyone can read information on the secondary display 
(which is in kinda "read-only" mode, so no use input possible). This is 
a pretty heavy issue as well.

7. Trinity KDM is not working (probably crashing, but I've not 
investigated much), and "trinity" is not appearing in the default KDM 
window manager selection list. So I've stopped display manager, created 
a simple .xinitrc script ("exec /opt/trinity/bin/startkde 
2>trinity.stderr >trinity.stdout") and now starting trinity with 
"startx" command.

8. The output of .xinitrc contains couple of "symbol lookup error:" lines:

8.1 for /opt/trinity/bin/kdeinit: symbol lookup error: 
/opt/trinity/lib/ undefined symbol: 

8.2 konsole: symbol lookup error: /opt/trinity/lib/ 
undefined symbol: _ZN7QObject18childrenListObjectEv
(see issue 2 above).

8.3 See item 11 below.

9. Very annoying issue, but I've seen it in KDE3 already: while moving a 
window inside of secondary physical monitor, it's not possible to move 
it to the upper area: window manager only allows to keep it *below* the 
panel (but the panel is occupying only the primary monitor, thus the 
piece of the secondary monitor is not used by application windows. There 
is a work around: maximize window in question, then it's taking the 
whole secondary monitor.

10. Fuzzy clock in the bottom panel doesn't use the font it was using in 
KDE. I tried to fix it, something very bad happened, see item 11.
By the way: how can I restore the panels without logging off and on again?

11. After right-clicking on the clock in the bottom panel and selecting 
"configure clock" BOTH panels (top and bottom) disappeared. The last 
suspicious message in trinity.stderr is:
kicker [kdeinit]: symbol lookup error: /opt/trinity/lib/ 
undefined symbol: _ZN7QObject18childrenListObjectEv


Ilya Dogolazky