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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-users] issues after migrating KDE3 -> trinity

From: Christopher J Kleinschmidt <jumpship@...>
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 13:54:40 -0600
On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 12:14 PM, Ilya Dogolazky
<ilya.dogolazky@...> wrote:
> Hi again !
> After I copied my .kde directory to .trinity, my old KDE3 settings are back.
> But some issues remain. here is the list of issues I've seen so far (any
> help is very welcome!) in none particular order.
> The most important items below are: 2, 6.2, 6.3, 8, 11 and of course 1 ;)
> 1. I got a message "KFish applet can't be installed on the panel", and no
> fish is visible :-(
> 2. The 'konsole' application (KDE's xterm replacement) can't be started:
> ilya@kalma:~$ which konsole
> /opt/trinity/bin/konsole
> ilya@kalma:~$ konsole
> konsole: symbol lookup error: /opt/trinity/lib/ undefined
> symbol: _ZN7QObject18childrenListObjectEv
> 3. I have two panels, one for buttons, keyes, kfish and menus; and the
> second one for tasks. This second one was configured in KDE to be two items
> high, but now its height is just one item ("item" in my definition is a
> rectangle representing a single task).
> Fixed it manually by setting "Size" from "Default" to "Custom 52 pixels"
> 4. There are some KDE4 artifacts:
> 4.1 A PSI program successfully attached to the panel, but the drop down
> menus look like those in KDE4 and the UI of the psi program itself looks
> like KDE4. I would like to know if it's the expected behavior. Basicaly I
> have nothing against it (ok, it's ugly, but I can live with it), but it's
> better to know for sure.
> 4.2 An application called "Nepomuk Strigi File Indexing" (which I never seen
> before) is started, attached to the panel and doing some massive
> input/output. The UI looks like KDE4. I would like to know how to get rid of
> it.
> 5. Background pictures disappeared, only one of six is visible (I'm afraid
> they were original KDE3 pictures and just gone during the system update)
> 6. Massive screen saver issues:
> 6.1 My previously used screen saver (displaying failure messages from
> different operation systems) disappeared.
> 6.2 In the unlock dialog there is no keyboard layout button. This is a
> really critical issue: once locked with Russian layout I can't switch to a
> Latin one, thus I can't enter the password and unlock
> 6.3 When screen saver is starting only one physical display (out of two) is
> cleaned, so everyone can read information on the secondary display (which is
> in kinda "read-only" mode, so no use input possible). This is a pretty heavy
> issue as well.
> 7. Trinity KDM is not working (probably crashing, but I've not investigated
> much), and "trinity" is not appearing in the default KDM window manager
> selection list. So I've stopped display manager, created a simple .xinitrc
> script ("exec /opt/trinity/bin/startkde 2>trinity.stderr >trinity.stdout")
> and now starting trinity with "startx" command.
> 8. The output of .xinitrc contains couple of "symbol lookup error:" lines:
> 8.1 for /opt/trinity/bin/kdeinit: symbol lookup error:
> /opt/trinity/lib/ undefined symbol:
> _ZN7QObject21objectTreesListObjectEv
> 8.2 konsole: symbol lookup error: /opt/trinity/lib/ undefined
> symbol: _ZN7QObject18childrenListObjectEv
> (see issue 2 above).
> 8.3 See item 11 below.
> 9. Very annoying issue, but I've seen it in KDE3 already: while moving a
> window inside of secondary physical monitor, it's not possible to move it to
> the upper area: window manager only allows to keep it *below* the panel (but
> the panel is occupying only the primary monitor, thus the piece of the
> secondary monitor is not used by application windows. There is a work
> around: maximize window in question, then it's taking the whole secondary
> monitor.
> 10. Fuzzy clock in the bottom panel doesn't use the font it was using in
> KDE. I tried to fix it, something very bad happened, see item 11.
> By the way: how can I restore the panels without logging off and on again?
> 11. After right-clicking on the clock in the bottom panel and selecting
> "configure clock" BOTH panels (top and bottom) disappeared. The last
> suspicious message in trinity.stderr is:
> kicker [kdeinit]: symbol lookup error: /opt/trinity/lib/
> undefined symbol: _ZN7QObject18childrenListObjectEv
> Cheers,
> Ilya Dogolazky
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There were a lot of messages on the lists about a qt pkg version
problem. I could be wrong, but you could check the version of qt you
have installed. The problem I remember might have been distro
specific. What distro are you using?

I'll continue looking through the mailing list archives, maybe I can
find more info for you.