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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Trinity Desktop Environment Feedback

From: Old Laptop <oldlaptop654@...>
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2011 16:35:42 -0500
Sashko - wrote:
> Guys, just want to add something. Yes, "polished" is the word I should 
> have used.
> I apologize. It is only an opinion (my personal opinion) and as others 
> have stated,
> you shouldn't waste too much time on a website as the project itself 
> is more important.
> Just like TDE, your website is very usable. I was only commenting on 
> its appearance. I had
> no issues finding links at all. The top bar is very friendly. The 
> "Official Trinity Binaries" section
> on your front page is informative and usable. Probably Calvin has 
> spent a lot of time on the site
> and I didn't mean to underestimate his work at all. I know my post 
> looks that way, I apologize.
> I should have been more specific. Again, I meant "polished" and not 
> professional. As an example,
> you can look at the appearance of Again, the site is very 
> usable (which is very important). would be suboptimal on dialup. There's a good 200+ kb of 
images involved, though removing that giant release announcement banner 
would chop it in half. For comparison, is currently 
under 10kb in total, including the one logo image.