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Sashko - wrote:
Guys, just want to add something. Yes, "polished" is the word I should have used.
I apologize. It is only an opinion (my personal opinion) and as others have stated,
you shouldn't waste too much time on a website as the project itself is more important.
Just like TDE, your website is very usable. I was only commenting on its appearance. I had
no issues finding links at all. The top bar is very friendly. The "Official Trinity Binaries" section
on your front page is informative and usable. Probably Calvin has spent a lot of time on the site
and I didn't mean to underestimate his work at all. I know my post looks that way, I apologize.
I should have been more specific. Again, I meant "polished" and not professional. As an example,
you can look at the appearance of kubuntu.org. Again, the site is very usable (which is very important).

Kubuntu.org would be suboptimal on dialup. There's a good 200+ kb of images involved, though removing that giant release announcement banner would chop it in half. For comparison, trinitydesktop.org is currently under 10kb in total, including the one logo image.

Not just dialup, but for accessability. It's quite hard to navigate new websites using screen readers and text to speech utilities for the blind and sight impared. Not only that but this webpage will load on all HTML4 compatible clients, which means anything from dillo, midori, chromium, elinks, lynx, curl, whatever works perfectly well.

Calvin Morrison