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Month: December 2011

opera crash while open/save dialog (kgtk-qt3-trinity)

From: harrow <harrow@...>
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2011 23:51:07 +0400

I have troble with opera open/save dialog: no matter what I'm doing opera go crashing just after dialog was closed.

I've removed kgtk-qt3-trinity (sure, dialogs became not-qt-styled), crashing stops. Google get me
>KingSphinx	Not to mention Audacity seems to crash with kgtk-qt3 providing the open/save dialogs.
>kb9vqf	KingSphinx: I think that crash is fixed in SVN
>kb9vqf	KingSphinx: if you are using 3.5.12 then I would expect the crash to exist

I've no such problems on 3.5.12. Is this some kind of regression ? Does anybody also have the one ?

TDE 3.5.13, Ubuntu 11.10 (upgraded from 11.04 with 3.5.12 upgraded from 10.10 with 3.5.12).